for sale by owner Porsche 911 carrera cabriolet 1986 low miles

US $42,000.00
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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Technical data for 1986 Porsche 911 leather

Make: Porsche
Model: 911
SubModel: Carrera 911
Type: Convertible
Trim: leather
Year: 1986
Mileage: 69,450
VIN: WP0EB0919GS170562
Color: Black
Engine: 6 cyl
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: rear
Interior color: Burgundy
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Title history From Ohio Bureau of MV and CarFax of 1999 and 2018.

My first Title issued 03/04/1999 (exempt from odometer but my purchase invoice states mileage 49698),

from Ohio DMV request: 06/09/1995 mileage 27700, 06/14/1994 27,070, 03/08/1994 Mileage 25967, 10.06/1993 mileage 25953, 01/27/1989 Mileage 14261.

From Maintenance manual: 2/3/1986 38 miles first use reported in maintenance manual. Recent Carfax only shows spotty mileage report (a subset of those shown below) and branded mileage because the Iowa annual registrations show erroneously as titled issued –a mistake-- Also included.

Maintenance from the Porsche Maintenance manual (comes with the car)

2/3/1986 38 miles first use (Dealer 1326 North Olmstead, OH stamped by dealer)

No date: 2000 miles at Porsche dealer 1320, Bedford OH, stamped by dealer

12/8/1987 mileage 7596 Oil change dealer 1320, stamped

9/26/88 mileage 11069 oil change, vehicle maintenance, emission control maintenenace (Porsche-Audi Bedford dealer 1320

10/11/1989 oil change mileage 16242, Porsche dealer 1323 Willoughby OH stamped

10/4/1990 mileage 19415, oil change, vehicle maintenance, Emission control maintenance Dealer 1323 stamped

3/1/1991 mileage 19580, oil change dealer 1323 stamped

12/3/1991 mileage 20549, oil change dealer 1323 stamped

11/16/1992 mileage 25541, oil change dealer 1323 stamped

11/7/1994 mileage 27408, oil change and New Clutch Assembly Anderson C.A. Repair in Omaha, no stamp

8/15/1997mileage 30,068 oil change, vehicle emission maintenance and valve adjustment, no stamp.

10/1-1997 mileage 34,127, oil change, no stamp. ------End of records in the maintenance book-----

Personal records from May 1999 on maintenance, parts purchased and detailing (I have invoices for all and will go with the car), Not exhaustive but gives a sense of what was done. 3 Porsche shops and mechanics closed or left in Iowa over time which explains the changes of repair shops

5/20/1999 mileage 49597 inspected (PPI). Anderson Auto Repair Omaha: inspection compression test (170, 175, 175, 160, 165, 170) and leak test 8-10%, no oil leaks break check and Exhaust check. Noted bumper molding, wear on driver seat, dimples on hood, tires 50%.

5/20/2000. Napa Ames. Purchase lamp and polish. $33.16

8/20/2000. Growner Tire Ames, mileage 53949. tire repair and balancing 4 wheels and alignment. $156.88

11/27/2000. Invoice from Performance products for K&N Filter, oil filters, wipers, and regulator etc changes made by me.

7/14/01 battery replacement Johnston Napa in Ames ($133.99)

4/16/2002.. Tirerack, 4 new tires Dunlop SP Sport 8000 mounted at Firestones Ames on 4/29/02. $407.74. for tires $83.21 for mounting and balancing at Trickle tire in Ames Mileage 56082.

4/23/2002. Porsche Ramsey in Des Moines, mileage 56030, AC check and refill, new alternator assembly, $1235.50

5/02/2002. Mileage 56146, Alignment at Ramsey Porsche. $142.50

6/11/2002 Ramsey Porsche Des Moines. Door lock rod purchased $8.70.

09/02/2003. Mid America Direct Inc. 2 purchases of various small parts (hood struts, light buld etc) $50.96 and $53.96

4/14/2004. Trickle Tire Ames. Mileage 59017. 4 wheels balanced. $38.52

4/19/2004 Bruch Motorwerke De Soto IA mileage 59080. Full 60,000 miles service (brakes, ignition, etc) $992.05

5/4/2004 detailed at Detailed Appearance Center Ames. Wash and wax. $53.45.

4/1/2005 Bruch Motorwerke De Soto IA mileage 60269. Dansk muffler, cat bypass, sport chip, new K&N filter $1176.60. (That shop closed)

05/22/2006. Performance Products. Parts: Door handle inner lef, blank key and key handle purchased. $74.15

6/20/2006. New top and lining at Accurate Auto Trim in Ames $1,583.60

5/19/2006. Car detailed Auto appearance center Ames .$149.80

5/22/2006 Ramsey Porsche Des Moines knob replacement part. $10.27

8/21/2006 Campus Garage in Ames mileage not indicated oil service and AC retrofit to R139A . $360.32

6/28/2007 Campus Garage Ames mileage 62333. AC check and refill oil service oil line replaced $548.61

6/4/2008 Campus garage mileage 62687, gauge repair, oil lines replacement, battery replacement $1042.62

3/7/2009. Trickle Tire Ames. Tire repair. $21.4

3/16/2009. Eckler’s . Various parts (door light switch, oil pressure sender unit, wash pump, window switch, bulb). $154.91

3/24/2009. Wilson Toyota in Ames. Mileage 63213. Annual service with oil change and filter change. $50.83

11/22/2010. Ecker’s. paintable ring Euro headlamp conversion + H4 lamps and relays. $446.09 Installed personally.

5/18/2011. Details Auto Appearance in Ames. Car detailed. $164.78

5/24/2011 Wilson Toyota Ames. Mileage 65611. Annual service with oil and filter change. $69.13

5/27/2011. Ecker’s. parts: speedo repair gears $24.99. I broke the needle and sent the speedo to North Hollywood.

6/17/2011. Ecker’s. parts: headlight o ring. $5.98

8/22/2011. North Hollywood Speedometer repair of speedometer. $207.

10/17/2011. Pelican Parts, Harbor city. Headlight relay kit, Momo steering wheel+ hub $305. Installed personally.

10/22/2011. Advanced auto parts Ames. Fuses purchases. $23.18

10/31/2011. Campus Garage Ames. Mileage 65655. Oil pressure sending unit change (unit bought separately). (119.09+ part)

05/16/2012. Campus Garage Ames. Mileage 66022. Oil service, and maintenance A/C compressor removed, $177.79

7/18/2012. (cannot read the company name) RS America door panels. $278.52

5/6/2013. Details Auto Appearance Ames. Complete detail. $162.

11/15/2013. Tirerack. 4 tires Continental Extreme Contact DWS. $524.86

11/27/2013. Honda of Ames, mileage 66991. 4 tires mounted and balanced. Maintenance inspection. Oil leak noted $93.09

3/21/2014. Details Auto Appearance Ames. Complete detail. $173.34.

4/7/2014. Campus Garage Ames. Mileage 67034. Oil service $103.38

4/23/2015 Pelican Parts. Window switch and rear bumper strip left. $163.25.

9/17/2015. Autostar Transport LLC car shipped to NC $1300. Mileage 68294 indicated on bill of lading.

10/9/2015 European performance Inc Raleigh Mileage 68294. Extensive maintenance new fuel lines, breather hose, intake manifold gasket, hatch strut, replace bumper impact strips, reseal of crankshaft and nose bearing alignment, new transmission oil, belt, tie rod assemblies replaced with turbo ones, brake replacement, etc $3789.76.

6/3/2016. European Performance Inc. Tire repair, balance wheel. $48.04

1/5/2017. European Performance Inc Raleigh. Mileage 69026. Oil and filter, oil level sender gasket replace, some light bulbs replaced. $357.75

9/2/2017 European Performance Inc Raleigh. Mileage 69283. Oil service, heater blower relay, new fuses front and rear, replace convertible top seals, and window seals and adjust window height. $3142.49

3/8/2018. European Performance Inc. Raleigh. Mileage 69413. State inspection passed.

4/18/2018. Detailing.

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