US $35,000.00
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Queensbury, New York, United States

Technical data for 1995 Hummer H1

Make: Hummer
Model: H1
Year: 1995
Mileage: 4000
VIN: 1GCHC34F6NE204791
Vehicle Title: Clean
Here is your chance to acquire the nicest A1 available, period! It has been in storage in a private collection since new by a legendary military contractor and equipment dealer from Delaware. I am about to send it into storage for the winter so here’s your chance to snatch it up. This is my fourth Humvee and obviously the nicest I have since it was never put in service. I bought it from the reluctant gentleman when and it had basically delivery miles on the clock, i.e. 175 miles. I changed everything on it that wasn’t or didn’t look absolutely perfect since it had been stored for 25 years and was never put on the road. No expenses were spared. My cost today is over 40K. The A1 is the 6.2L/ TH400 3 speed transmission. Clear on road NY title, insured and inspected.The gentleman in question received it in lieu of payment from the Marine Corps for a military contract he fulfilled that went over budget. I am getting out humvee collecting and getting into sailing (unfortunately for my bank account) and have tons of spare parts from my other humvees, namely :4 extra wheels, 2 hard doors with the armored skin (i just need to finish restoring them), 2 extra soft doors, 1 np42 transfer case, new style steering wheel, lights and buckets, power steering pump and much more, full set of insulation mats, seat cushions, etc. I can get a full inventory of my parts to the winning bidder. Look at my feedback, it is impeccable and i wish I could’ve bought my humvees from a guy like me. As you can see in the pictures, the truck is absolutely perfect down to every nut and bolt. Not a single bolt is rusty and I've actually changed any hardware that didn't look good to Stainless Steel. This truck has been pampered since i got it and I used it only this past summer to sort out the kinks. It gets a WD40 bath every week :) and I have to admit that I am completely obsessive about my vehicles, no joke! I will tinker at them until they are literally perfect. Trust me, you don’t want to buy a humvee from the government auctions, they are a nightmare and they will make a grown man cry. It will cost you the same as this one once you’re done and you still wont love it. They all have rust on the fasteners and frame without mentioning they are beaten silly! I always bought mine from that guy who had taken care of them and I still had to do a whole bunch of stuff to them. You are better off paying a little more for a turn key project like this one.Anyway feel free to call me with any questions and as always there is no reserve, highest bidder takes this collectors piece. I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff but I will add more details later. It won best truck in a car show this summer! I didn’t plan to enter the contest as I was just going to see muscle cars and so the folks from the show insisted I enter it, etc..I can arrange shipping to anywhere in the US or overseas as logistics is a big part of my business. I am a well known manufacturer of building materials in the north east.Michael: 347.454.4099
Additional info: There is a custom installed jump seat in the middle. Its a new seat back from a LMTV truck. I have the seat belt for it just need to install it. The spare tires are more solidly attached than with a bracket and actually don't wobble at all: the two rims are bolted together and are held down with two 5000 lbs kinedyne straps. Also have a new (recent type) brush guard not installed. Its not the junk original angle bar one but the A2 model which is aluminum and steel and it has the rounded edges.
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