16 Ford Focus Electric 4-6¢ a mile Pays for itself Qualifies for $1,000 PA check

US $9,750.00
Private seller / Contact Seller
New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States

Technical data for 2016 Ford Focus Electric Hatchback FWD

Make: Ford
Model: Focus
SubModel: Electric Hatchback FWD
Type: Hatchback
Trim: Electric Hatchback FWD
Year: 2016
Mileage: 48200
VIN: 1FADP3R41GL257400
Color: White
Engine: Electric
Fuel: Electric
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Light Stone
Vehicle Title: Clean
Now under $10,000
Watch for black Friday pricing. I'm getting closer to when I will be taking delivery of a different car. Please message me about details.

Price reduced. I will be updating this listing periodically and lowering the price until it sells. So, act fast before someone else buys. This car makes a great stepping stone towards a more expensive electric car.
Edit: 11/16 This was originallya $30,000+ car. So, how could this car be so inexpensive? One of things that happen with EV is that the federal credit, which is only useful if you owe that much in taxes) of $7,500 adversely affects the resale value. Someone looking at a new car vs a used one might also be able to use the tax credit. If you buy EV right before the credit gets halved (phased out) is where you won't see such depreciation. Batteries of this size and cost have a limited range. That said, 48,000 miles has been put on this vehicle. 4 years at 12,000 miles a year is fairly average for all cars.Speaking of battery it has 8 year 100,000 warranty. Which I was always hoping would break because it would be replaced by the newer battery that is in the 2017 Ford focus. Why possibly steer you to another car? It doesn't matter because so few of these are up for sale.
Let me start with the summary of this fully loaded all electric 2016 Ford Focus Electric . This is very fun car to drive and very inexpensive to run. You could also save $1000 off the list price. More on that later. If you haven't experienced the feeling of the instant torque that an electric motor provides you're in for a real treat. In the world of the stop light Grand Prix an electric car is king. All the while you are nearly silent and not blowing money out the tailpipe. No down shifting here. There is no transmission to service or break. There is only a single speed gear reduction that makes the car very smooth. On the other end of spectrum an electric car can change how you slow down. I say can because you can drive it like every other car but to get the full experience you can let the electric motor slow you down and send energy back into the battery. A typical scenario for me is if I see a stoplight ahead, I lift my foot off the accelerator and the car's motor acts like a generator and begins to slow the car down. As I get closer, I "shift" the car from D to L (see pic.) which increase the amount of energy going back into the battery and slowing me down even more. Only in the last 15 feet do I use the brakes. You might never need to replace the brake pads because you rarely use them. Even around sweeping bends, where you would normally hit the brakes, you "shift" to L to decelerate and back to D when rounding the apex of a corner. Or stay in L down long steep hills.There are cost savings every where in this car.
  • No emission sticker to pay for
  • No oil changes
  • No air filter to replace
  • No timing belt replacement
  • Generally, just less maintenance because there are less moving parts.
  • A $1000 rebate. PA has a alternative fuels incentive grant program: (Google) Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Rebates. I can't guarantee a $1000 check but this used car does qualify. I put it that way because it is a first come first serve basis as long as funding is available. It will also be reassessed at the end of the year. So, buy now.
  • There are and increasing number of free charging stations throughout the area. Not a lot of places give away free gasoline. This can be particular useful if you can charge at work.

There are some prerequisitesfor this car.1) You need a garage so you can charge at night. This is where you do 99% of your charging. People get hung up on range but it isn't as bad as you think. You need to know the limits of the car. An electric car is a paradigm shift. Every time you pull out of the garage in the morning you have a full "tank" Side note, never going to the gas station was large positive I didn't realize coming from a gasoline powered vehicle. I live in the North eastern part of the Greater Pittsburgh area. If I want to go deep into the opposite side of Pittsburgh or the Airport I might need to charge. Cold January & February months and85 mph highway trips eat into the estimated 70 mile range. If you charge regularly (plug in process takes 10 seconds) you might end up looking at your "fuel" gauge even less than a regular car. This leads to next prerequisite.2) You need a 220v outlet in your garage. I have nema 6-20 outlet. Think regular 3 prong plug with one horizontal blade. There is a 20 amp breaker on that line. This allows me to get around 15 miles a range every hour I'm plugged in. To get the lowest recharge times you need to have a 40 amp breaker and something like a nema 14-50 outlet. (think 4 prong electric cloths dryers or RV plug) To me this wasn't needed and just an added expense. I could drive into the night till "empty" and by the time I wake up next morning the "tank" is full. I have a "charger" more appropriately called an EVSE that I could include into the sale of the car. You could get a $10 adapter to go to a traditional 3 prong plug, but at 110v it is painfully slow and inefficient.3) You need a second car or be comfortable occasionallyrenting a car. This is only the case if you don't want to give up the ability to travel long distances. An electric car in this price range has limitations and frankly you need to spend at least 4 or 5 times more money to realize something different.
If you are still reading this description you might be able to tell I'm an EV enthusiast. I got this car because I wanted to get my feet wet. And you might ask yourself why I'm selling this car. Well I broke one of my own prerequisites. This is my only car. As such, it can be limiting for me at times. As a commuter and for running errands this car really is in a class of its own. Unlike some of the more expensive EV, with more sophisticated computers that need to wake up, I can push a button and go. Actually, I got it down to as my door is closing I'm moving. Also, the alternatives to this car at this price point are few and bluntly ugly (Nissan Leaf) Outside of the small badges and lack of noise people don't know its an electric car. It just looks like a sporty, fully loaded Ford Focus with Sync 3 (infotainment, navigation, and phone connectivity), leather seats, pearl paint, and mag wheels. Which is what I wanted. You are driving the future. You don't need it to look different. I could go on and on. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
I would need to coordinate the transfer since it is my only car and I need to buy another car. I'm looking at the end of Nov. beginning of Dec. to make the transfer. But, it could be sooner. I'll be adding more pictures and details later. For now I want to get some idea of the interest in the car and start to answer questions. Ebay makes me add when a payment is due. If you message me we could come to some agreement and I can change the listing to suit both parties.
I have sold a car once before on eBay and the way I handled then was to meet at the notary where the title and money changed hands.
I added a picture of a NEMA 14-50 to NEMA 6-20 adapter I made myself. I won't be including it for liability reasons. I mention it because these adapter exist for about $40-$50. If you were to get this car as stepping stone towards a more expensive car later and need to install a plug in your garage, go with the NEMA 14-50. It would give you more flexibility later. Not needed as charging overnight, with the 6-20, gives you 15 miles each hour you are plugged in. You could even make the argument that the lower amperage (smaller diameter) 6-20 cabling is easier to move around on a regular basis.
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