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Technical data for 1939 Ford Other

Make: Ford
Model: Other
SubModel: Deluxe
Year: 1939
Mileage: 24500
VIN: 1848841687
Color: Burgundy
Engine: Flathead V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Brown
Vehicle Title: Clear

The 1939 Ford Deluxe is widely considered to be one of the best looking, mass produced automobiles ever manufactured by Ford. Its combination of sleek design, minimal chrome and teardrop headlights gives the entire series a sophisticated yet sporty allure. The design is primarily attributed to Bob Gregorie who was a former yacht designer. Mr. Gregorie's experience with yachts is evident in the 1939 Deluxe's long hood and V-shaped vertical grill which gives the car a distinctively boat like prow.

The total number of automobiles produced by Ford in 1939 was 487,031. Of these, less than 1% (3,561) were Deluxe Convertible Sedans. In comparison, Ford produced almost 3 times as many convertible coupes (10,422) and over forty times as many Deluxe Sedans (144,333). This makes the Deluxe Sedan Convertible the rarest of all production models for the year.

The price tag for a 1939 Ford Deluxe Convertible Sedan was $925 making it the most expensive model for that year. The car weighed 2,938 pounds, had a length of 179.5 inches, a height of 68.6 inches and a wheelbase of 112 inches. The car was powered by Ford's venerable flathead V8 which produced an estimated 90 hp. Ford claimed that this engine was capable of propelling the car to a top speed of 120 mph. The car was fitted with a standard three speed, floor shifted manual transmission and hydraulic drum brakes. This was the last year Ford employed a floor shifting transmission for its Deluxe models and the first year that Ford employed hydraulic drum brakes.

This particular automobile was rescued from a storage facility in Rosenberg, Texas, and belonged to a veritable "little, old lady." At the time the car was purchased it would not start and the owner did not have a title. The car did have Texas plates dating to 1987 however, no record of the car could be located in the Texas DMV's system. In order to solve this problem, a bonded title issued by the State of Texas was acquired. The car will be sold under this title. A bonded title warrants ownership of the vehicle and ensures that title is legitimately passed to any subsequent purchasers. This title can be negotiated in the same manner as any other title and carries no inherent restrictions (you can register the car in any State). The title was issued after the car's VIN was verified by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

After obtaining the car, a mechanical refurbishment was conducted. This refurbishment included the repair and/or replacement of the following components:

Replaced Front and Rear Shocks with New Tube Shocks/DampenersReplaced Both Water PumpsReplaced All Fluids (oil, transmission, differential, radiator)Serviced Brake SystemReplaced Rear Brake Wheel CylindersReplaced Head GasketsReplaced Headlights LampsReplaced Headlight Lens CoversReplaced Spotlight LampReplaced OEM Radiator With Aluminum RadiatorFlushed Coolant SystemInstalled New Spark PlugsInstalled NOS Oil Bath CoolerInstalled New Tires (including spare)Installed New Lug Nut WashersPowder Coated All 5 RimsReplaced Original Muffler with A Modern MufflerReplaced Battery (New 6 Volt Battery Installed)Installed New Ford Logo Tail Pipe DeflectorReplaced Generator BeltReplaced Hood Hinge SpringsRemoved and Cleaned Heads (Painted Black)Repaired wiring harness for lights (all lights operational including running lights, brake lights and rear license plate light)Replaced three wheel studs and installed all new lug nut washers.Replaced fuel line (line from body to carb)

Receipt documenting all parts replaced and all removed parts, e.g., radiator and lever arm shocks, will be conveyed with the sale.

In the process of performing the aforementioned repairs, it was noted that the the car's gas tank had been previously replaced. The replacement tank is in good condition, is not rusty inside and does not need replacement. Additionally, all brake lines had been previously replaced with modern lines and function properly. Further, after removing the drums, the brake shoes looked new and were not overly worn or thin.

The car is currently in good running and driving condition and will pass a Texas safety inspection. The car starts, stops, runs and drives well and I have personally driven the car in excess of 30 miles at speeds of up to 60 mph. The engine does not overheat and seems to work without flaw. The transmissions shifts easily but the first gear is not synchronized (the car must be fully stopped to shift into first gear). The car drives best at 40-50 mph and cruises without issue at this speed. Given its age and drum brake system, I would not recommend driving the car in excess of 60 mph. If you want to verify the fact that it is a running and driving car then please go to my YouTube channel - thebavarianmotors - and watch the video of me driving it.

Further highlghts of the vehicle include the fact that the interior is in excellent shape and does not really need anything, all original glass is present and uncracked, all lights work (including the fog lights and the spotlight), all chrome is present, the car has its original, uncut frame and, excluding minor surface rust, the car is RUST FREE! Again, this car has surface rust but it is NOT A RUST BUCKET and does NOT have cancerous rust anywhere on it. The surface of the car will need to be treated and/or painted but no rust repairs should be necessary. The convertible top is serviceable and is water tight. However, it appears to be at least 20 years old, has some stains on it and will need replacement.

The car does have a few defects including a slight oil leak from the rear main seal (it is a rope seal and will probably always leak), the steering wheel is slightly cracked, the driver's side door latch will not operate from the outside and the front, passenger side window crank is broken (I roll the window up and down with vice grips). The windshield wipers work but the wiper blades need replacing. The dash clock works when it wants to (meaning intermittently). The speedometer works but the odometer and trip odometer do not. The true mileage is unknown and the car will be sold as EXEMPT with an odometer statement saying that the true miles are unknown. All weather stripping is present but it is in need of replacement. All defects can be repaired with parts that can be easily sourced from the major suppliers. These defects do not negatively effect the ability to drive and enjoy the car.

As with all cars that I sell, this car is in "buy it, drive it, enjoy it condition." That is, you can buy the car today and drive and enjoy it today. Further, the only defects in the car that I am aware of are what I have listed or what are obvious in the photos. However, as this car is 80 years old, it must be sold "AS IS - WITHOUT WARRANTY." Pre-purchase inspections are highly encouraged and, if you want to personally inspect the car then I have a lift in my shop that you can use. If you want additional photos or wish to discuss the purchase of the car then please feel free to contact me at 713-320-3059.

In sum, this is an extremely rare, well preserved, complete, rust free, running and driving, 80 year old, Ford Deluxe Sedan Convertible which is in need of a new home and a loving caretaker. I have priced it fairly for its age and condition but am open to negotiate the sale price. If you are interested in owing it then please feel free to call me at 713-320-3059.

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