Chevy Silverado HD GMC Sierra C1500 C2500 C3500 1500 2500 C10 SS Custom Dually

US $30,000.00
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Rocklin, California, United States

Technical data for 1997 Chevrolet C/K Pickup 3500

Make: Chevrolet
Model: C/K Pickup 3500
Year: 1997
Mileage: 32,000
VIN: 1gchc39j3vf013305
Engine: 454 7.4 V8
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
No corners were cut in this build. You will never again find a 1988-2000 C3500 dually like this.This is a very rare needle in a hay stack find. Especially since it is the 454 fuel injected Vortec engine. 1988-1995 has the throttle body injection with much less horsepower and torque. There are non other like mine! This truck is capable of towing at least 12,000 pounds with its current suspension, towing and performance mods.
The pictures and the mileage pretty much speak for themselves. I am selling my like new 1997 Chevy C/K Silverado C3500 extra cab dually. It has only 32k original miles, is a California dry weather rust free vehicle that has been garaged since new. It has a perfect car fax report and a clean title under my name. I have the title and car fax report in hand to prove everything I state including the miles.
I bought it completely stock from the original owner when it had 30k miles. The gentleman I purchased the truck from is in his early 70's. He ended up buying a brand new 1500 Silverado to replace this truck being as he rarely used it for anything besides towing his 20 foot boat occasionally.
It has a 454 V8 Vortec engine with two wheel drive. The engine produces 290 horsepower and 410 foot pounds of torque. It is capable of towing up to 12,000 pounds with no performance modifications. It has the LS package so it is equipped with power windows, locks, mirrors, cruise control, driver air bag, key less entry and more. It also came with a factory AM/FM radio, CD player, factory tinted windows, driver power 6 way adjustable seat with lumbar support, passenger seat with lumbar, tilt wheel, over head information console, etc... Everything works perfect including all windows, locks and the under hood light.
This truck is mechanically perfect. It runs and drives like new! There are no leaks, noises, vibrations or issues of any kind. I recently replaced the A/C compressor, oil cooler lines, oil pan gasket, oil pressure sending unit, hoses and belts. This work was done in the last 2k miles. I also had the 30k mile service performed which includes the transmission fluid change, rear end fluid change and new air filter. The A/C blows ice cold and the heater very hot.
The interior and exterior are in mint/like new condition. This truck is a must see to believe. The truck has never been in an accident or had any paint work done besides the custom parts I had professionally painted and installed. All of the paint work was done by one of the best painters in Northern California. He is known for his amazing color matching, prep and custom work. There are no door dings anywhere on the truck and the paint shines like it is new(including the original paint).
The interior is all original with no stains, wear, tears, discoloration, broken panels or cracks. When driven somewhere and parked the truck has always had a sun screen in the windshield and parked away from all other vehicles. The original owner and I are both very picky people who take pride in their vehicles. The interior stills smells new, has never been smoked and has been pet free.
I still have all of the original parts that I replaced with custom upgrades. I have the original grill, bumpers, headlights, tail lights, third brake light, tow receiver, plastic bed liner, original all weather mats, stereo, roof markers, etc... They will go with the truck. The dash mat on the truck has been on the dash since new. Underneath it is a dash that is just as perfect as the rest of the interior. BTW I also have the original window sticker from when it was sold new.
Now on to the performance, wheels,suspension,custom parts, lighting, stereo, alarm, etc...all new and done within the last 1,000 miles/6 months;
-Hypertech power programmer(40 hp to the wheels and 60 tq gain)
-Hypertech 180 degree thermostat
-Flowmaster HD 50 series big block cat back exhaust(the quietest exhaust system they make/specific for HD vehicles/designed for maximum torque and horsepower)3"single in dual out mandrel bent piping with turn downs coming straight out of the muffler. (10 hp to the wheels and 15 tq gain)
-New Moto Metal 16x6 dually specific tinted chrome wheels
-New 225/75/16 10 ply Federal tires all around(6 total)
-New chrome spiked lug nuts front to back
-Also have a new set of standard chrome lug nuts for those who aren't fond of the spiked ones
Suspension and towing:
-New DJM Suspension 5/7 drop kit(3" front drop spindles, 2" drop springs, 7" flip kit bracket with 10" C-notch bolted into the frame for axle travel, brand new factory shackles and hangers from Chevy)
-New DJM Suspension Nitro Drop shocks front to rear
-I also have the original Belltech 3" front 4" rear drop that the dealer installed when this truck was new(shackles and hangers for the rear and 3" drop spindles for the front)
-New drive line alignment kit(allows you to align the drive line angle so there are no vibrations or wear on the transmission/rear end)
-New rear air assist suspension for towing heavy loads
-New Firestone ride rite helper bags, Firestone ride rite control switch and gauge,VIAR compressor, fittings and lines
-10k pound capable as is and 10k+ pound capable with the hidden hitch welded across the frame rails.
-New Curt hidden hitch with receiver square cut out of the roll pan(gives the truck a clean look being as you can't tell that you have a tow package)
-New Street Scenes license plate hinge kit for access to the tow receiver
-Brake controller for towing trailers with electric brakes(female connector hidden in the roll pan and easy accessible by reaching hand underneath)
-Brand new Rear backup flush mount camera installed in the license plate with the eye located where the o is in California. I wanted it here particularly being as this is where the tongue of your trailer will be going.
I only used this set up one time to tow my 32 foot trailer that weighs in at about 7,500 pounds with the fresh water tanks full. You could barely tell anything was behind it!
This truck rides and tows better than stock with the 5/7 drop. Then again you will read this on the internet by everyone who has this 5/7 drop on their dually.
Custom parts and paint:
-New custom smoothie front bumper painted to match
-New Custom mounted front license plate bracket
-New custom front lower bumper valance without the tow hook cut outs
-New factory GMC grill housing/bezel painted to match
-New Grillcraft billet grill done the right way(original GMC insert was cut out and this grill was installed flush from the rear)
-New factory Silverado Z71 front fender flares painted to match(insides were professionally trimmed down before being painted so as not to rub the front tires/it looks like it came that way from the factory)
-Oem original power mirrors painted to match(left the base black instead of painting it all white like everyone else does for contrast)
-New 99-00 Escalade smoothie handles painted to match(the original handles have texture)
-New Street Scenes smoothie rear roll pan with tow hitch receiver cut out(metal)
-New Street Scenes shaved tail gate metal plate and handle relocation kit/bracket plate
-The plate was professionally welded in, ground down, a thin layer of glaze applied/sanded/blocked, primer filler used then block sanded, primed, blocked again and painted. Inside of the tailgate was then cut out to install the handle relocation plate, sprayed with etch primer which is a rust inhibitor and installed.
-I removed the plastic liner(which is in perfect condition since the truck bed was rarely used) and Leer tonneau cover that were both on the truck since new. I had a spray in liner done for a cleaner look being as I would rarely ever use the bed.
-The original c3500 badges have been taken off of the door and replaced with new 454 SS emblems instead being as they are a little more fitting for this custom truck
-I also installed a new 454 SS front license plate as well as a rear 454 license plate frame to finish it off
-Where the LS emblems were I replaced them with metal American flag emblems which are more of a flush mount and patriotic American Chevy truck look
-New Lloyds laser cut custom all weather floor mats that are body style and year specific for this truck
-New LED taillights and LED roof third brake light
-New LED roof cab marker lights in blue
-New clear composite headlights with Sylvania high performance hyper
white/blue bulbs
-New clear composite running lights with Sylvania ultra high performance hyper blue bulbs(these are beyond bright enough to work as your headlights)
-New clear corner markers with blue LED turn signal bulbs
-I also have new amber turn signal bulbs as well as amber roof marker lights
-New hyper white LED interior lights(have originals as well)
-New white rear roll pan license plate light wired to the original running lights that were between the bottom of the tail gate and bumper(the 3 red lens light strip that all of these loaded dually's came with)
Alarm and Audio/Stereo:
-Viper remote start pager alarm which has a 1/2 mile distance to start, turn off or warn you that someone is tampering with your vehicle. The alarm starts the truck for 5 minutes to warm it up before driving it and then shuts off(I always warm this truck up prior to driving it to get everything at operating temperature/prolongs the life of your drive train). Also good for hot summer days to cool the interior down before getting in or cold winter nights to get the interior warmed up.
-Viper ignition kill as well as proximity sensor. The truck can not be stolen while in remote start mode. First off the truck locks first when it remote starts, even if it was unlocked if someone gets in without the key in the full forward position the truck will shut off as soon as you hit the brake.
-New Android smart deck. Navigation, blue tooth, DVD, CD head unit that pairs with your phone or through Wi- Fi.
*You can download apps and do just about anything a smart phone can do being as it has its own built in processor.
*You can also mirror the phone by plugging in the custom ran cables going to the glove into your phone. This gives you the ability to fully control your phone while it is sitting in the glove box. Everything will transfer over including contact, text, pictures, apps, you name it.
-New 4 gauge Stinger wiring kit
-New Kicker mono block 600w 2ohm amp
-New Kicker CX series bass control knob in the center console(allows you to turn the power on the sub amp all the way down to zero or all the way up to 20)
-New Kicker Comp CWR DVC 1000w max 12" sub in a stealth box under the rear bench firing at the ground(this one sub sounds amazing and gives you just the right amount of bass without being obnoxious). Sounds good with all kinds of music!
-The box came black but I had it carpeted dark grey to match the interior being as grey isn't an option for these 88-98 C/K series stealth boxes.
-New Kicker 6.5" front door speakers and Kicker 4x6" rear C pillar speakers
Last but not least this truck has been fully clay barred, buffed, glazed and sealed by a high end auto detailer. It was sealed using Carbrite Teflon sealant.
All jambs including engine, doors and tailgate were cleaned and waxed as well. The interior just like the exterior was near perfect so I only had the detailer lightly degrease + wipe it down and treat it with leather/vinyl and plastic conditioner.
The undercarriage is very clean as well. It is rust free including all floor pans. I posted a few pictures of the undercarriage..You will be hard pressed to find a cleaner original undercarriage than this one.
This truck is fully ready for the show circuit. This would make a great show truck. It is actually insured for $36,000 through Progressive(even though I would never again be able to find one in this original condition, circumstances, color, miles, etc... and recreate it for that price).
This truck is also a perfect candidate for someone who owns a race car or other show cars. Someone who wants their truck that is pulling the trailer to look just as nice and unique as the show car/truck sitting in the trailer.
I get more compliments on this truck than almost any other vehicle I have owned. And trust me when I tell you that I have had/built many,many other custom vehicles over the years. I am very picky and I can tell you that this truck will not disappoint!
I am only selling this to use the money to take care of some personal matters. I have easily $45,000 into this build which includes buying the truck and upgrades.
If you have any questions go ahead and give me a call any time before 10pm at9 1 6-5 3 3-4 3 9 5. Thanks.
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