Mild custom 1964 buick wildcat

US $6,000.00
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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Technical data for 1964 Buick Other

Make: Buick
Model: Other
Type: Sedan
Year: 1964
Mileage: 76,500
Color: Black
Engine: 401 nailhead
Cylinders: 8
Vehicle Title: Clear

76,xxx custom buick wildcat, 401 big block. low mileage tires. newish battery. single exhaust with glass pack. automatic. post/pillar less car (when all the windows are down passenger compartment is completely open) shaved antenna, most body trim removed and smoothed out. looks like a cross between a continental and a cadillac from the side. very respectable all around, especially the interior. engine runs exceptionally well. bought this to steal the engine for my 64 riviera, ended up fixing it up instead, had too much potential to waste. steering is tight. lowered with cut springs and custom rear spring retainers (had pig tail springs in the back), rides better than i expected cut springs to ride. if i were keeping it i would put it on airbags. if i didn't want to blow the cash on bags i would at least get new front shocks. that being said it doesn't sit too low. if you are going to be driving somewhere that doesn't have speed bumps from hell (chicago) ride height is perfect (i added taller side wall tires to it and that really helped). i just tried to avoid speed bumps in chicago when possible, if i couldn't i went slow and the exhaust wouldn't scrape every time and when it did it wasn't bad enough to hurt anything. alignment wasn't changed after lowering, if you leave the suspension as is it could probably use an alignment if you plan on driving 70+ plus miles an hour for extended periods of time. it will do 70+ happily, had on the expressway many times. not a slow car, by no means fast but it does not have any trouble accelerating. no problems merging on the expressway, it moves with purpose. high option car, has power windows, drivers window needs some help sometimes, power seat still moves front and back, everything there from air conditioning though it is not currently hooked up or working. heater core needs to be replaced, its bypassed. gas mileage, well it ain't a prius. gas gauge pretty much works, 1/4 tank is empty, keep it above 1/2 full and you'll never have to find out how much fun it is to push a 4400 pound car by yourself. (spoiler alert, it sucks) paint isn't perfect. diy job. some bubbles here and there, mainly the one spot pictured, had to cut out some bad metal out there, new metal welded in. i screwed something up. if i could tell you exactly what it was i screwed up, i wouldn't have screwed it up in the first place, but i think i didn't use enough hardener in the bondo. One of the pics shows a gift from a parking lot. Others show the work as it progressed. its old. there are squeaks, rattles, its not perfect. what it is is a big, cool, old car for an affordable price with very low miles that you can be proud of. very unique, couldn't find another one that smoothed out the indents from the lower trim like i did on any google image search. turns heads, puts smiles on faces. nobody else has one. Send a message with a phone number and i will give you a call to go over any questions you have.
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