1979 - ALFA ROMEO - 2 SPIDERS (PAIR of 2)

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Canoga Park, California, United States

Technical data for 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider

Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Spider
Type: Convertible
Year: 1979
Mileage: 54960
VIN: AR-11541-0006361
Color: Yellow
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
I'M MOTIVATED to MAKE a SALE A.S.A.P., and OPEN to "PARTIAL" OFFERS for either of the SPIDERS, or for the PARTS!
Since you have decided to take a look at this "Pair of 2" 1979 Alfa Romeo Spiders, you're already aware of the fact that the market for Classic Alfa Romeo's is moving north at a very rapid pace, and you also know that this trend is going to continue, for a very long time.
So, lets talk about these 1979 Spiders...

In terms of basic physics, the "Power to Weight Ratio" of a car is the single most important (performance) factor.
Pertaining to Alfa Romeo Spiders, the Series 2 has the best "Power to Weight Ratio" because it has a bigger engine (2 Liter) than the Series 1, and weighs less than the Series 3 & 4, considering the fact that subsequent Spider models were designed with a lot more of the "power comforts" to suit the average consumer, and were heavier as a result.
The Series 2 Spiders that were manufactured from 1970 to 1979 are all basically the same, with the exception of the bumpers, smog requirements, rear mounted battery, and upgraded door panels. Personally, I think the 1979 model has the best looking door panels, of all the Series 2 Spiders. Also, I think the overall look of the interior in the Series 2 Spiders (70 to 79) really captures the "Classic Italian" style and feel of that era.

I'm placing this ad because I have some urgent financial priorities, and my loss could be your gain. Review the pictures, and maybe you can see my "vision" for both of these 1979 Spiders, especially considering the fact that they are both "RUST-FREE" for the most part, which makes both of these Spiders very attractive, as well as very hard to find elsewhere.
Yes, I have a "clean" California title for both of these 1979 Spiders. However, the first (Black) Spider has a "standard" title and the second (Yellow) Spider has a "salvage" title.

Also, keep in mind that since both of these cars are the exact same make, model and year, there are many creative "possibilities" for swapping parts, registration, etc.


I bought this Spider from a guy in Arizona, who told me that he had purchased it around a decade earlier. Basically, he drove it to his ranch, parked it, and then it just "sat" outside (in the hot Arizona heat) for over a decade. I remember how excited and eager I was to purchase this Spider, because it only had 54K original miles, and it was completely "intact" (engine, trans, etc.) and also the body was as straight as an arrow! Obviously, this Spider is an excellent candidate for a complete restoration.
BTW, as soon as this Spider was delivered, the first thing I did was remove the Gas Tank, and I had it "dipped" in an Acid Tank (L&M Stripping) to completely remove all of the "gunk" that had developed from sitting in the Arizona heat, for over a decade.


I bought this Spider from a guy in California, who owned it for 15 years, and is now retired. Basically, he said that he just doesn't drive it anymore. When I asked about the reason for the "salvage" title, he said that the car was hit in the rear. However, when I took a good look around the back of the car, I couldn't find any evidence of previous damage at all. Obviously, the Body Shop did an excellent job on the repair! The color of the car is really fantastic. However, the "clear coat" has faded away. This Spider has been sitting for 2 years, and he told me that it was running fine before he parked it. Obviously, considering the fact that this Spider was "road worthy" before it was parked (2 years ago) it would be safe to assume that it could be "road worthy" with a very minimal effort.


After the pictures of the 2 Spiders, you will see pictures of some additional items, which are intended to be REPLACEMENT PARTS, for the (Black) Spider, as follows:
  • 1 - CONSOLE (Complete - Good Condition)
  • 2 - SPIDER SEATS (Good Condition)
  • 5 - TURBINA WHEELS (Stripped & Powder Coated by Astro Plating)
  • 4 - TIRES (NEW - Joy Road)
Basically, PRIOR to DELIVERY, the OLD (EXISTING) CONSOLE, the OLD (EXISTING) SEATS, as well as the OLD (EXISTING) TIRES & WHEELS, will be REMOVED and REPLACED, from the (Black) Spider, with these REPLACEMENT PARTS.


Basically, my plan was to keep the "salvage" title (Yellow) Spider for myself, because I would be the only person who knows that it's a "salvage" title, and because it has a higher amount (79K) of original miles. Also, another reason as to why I was going to keep this Spider for myself is because it needs the least amount (carpet set, seat covers, convertible top) of work, to be a very "presentable" Classic Alfa.
Then, for the "standard" title (Black) Spider, my plan was to completely "restore" it over time, and eventually sell it for a nice profit, after the market goes much higher. The low amount of original miles (54K) on this Spider is another reason why I wouldn't want to drive it.

The "Bottom Line" is that I'm MOTIVATED to complete this transaction ASAP, so please feel free to either click on the "Buy it Now" button, or contact me directly with your "REASONABLE" offer...
Have a Great Day!
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