2003 acura rsx type s

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Technical data for 2003 Acura RSX type s

Make: Acura
Model: RSX
Type: Coupe
Trim: type s
Year: 2003
Mileage: 211,688
VIN: jh4dc53022c035852
Color: desert silver
Engine: k20a2/k24a2
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Tan
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
RelistThis vehicle is California emission passed.Also if anyone wondering about the dynapack hp/tq.....Axura rsx type s stock does not make 200hp!This is the same machine that hondata test their vehicle..Stock type s produces about 170hp + and. 127tq+ or so...Not 100% but t what I remember..My car produced 250hp+And 200tq+.. And that was with all emission legal...stock exhaust system..I'm pretty sure the tune with the aem cold intake and rbc still stored in kpro..Add race header and good exhaust and possibly you can make 270hp++++++That's more than adding a turboAnd risking your engine to detoration!!!My vehicle runs smooth like stock!!Plus+++ the whole bottom end is built. To Handel force induction!!

2003 acura rsx type s k20a2/k24a2 , purchased this car while back used stock around 160,000 or so pink sleep ready.,drove for about 1yr or so,, and had the notorious gear pop out problem that this vehicle is know for. and due to this problem i over rev the engine and my crakshaft bearing went out...now the good news......this vehicle was my daily commute work vehicle, and my fun project...i was into import illegal race back in early 90s era.... so i still had few ideas on what to mod and not,, and also many help from clubrsx.com......i went by user name novaspace.....i meet daniel who works for church automotive i went through him personally, before the engine blew, i had him install add on mods, and new clutc, , and few oem part, he did this for a side job,my goal was to make this into a sleeper car. with many of type r parts put on....my car blew the engine around 180,000 miles... and car was towed to church automotive for the big project.back in 2013 if i remember correct. 0n 2016 july i was side swapped on passenger rear fender, and due to this accident i developed a problem on my left leg, went through therapy..etc.. but still suffering, and now i cant drive manuel as daily commute. so my loss is your gain! i purchased this vehicle $6500 back than and k20a2/k24a2 build cost me around $10,000 for part and labor.. i only used good quality and proven products,,,,all sensors!!! and i mean all sensors changed with new oem honda parts!! here are the list of what i have done.k20a2/k24a2arias forged piston/k1connecting rod combo. this combo was recommand by my installerdrag cartel drop in cams, type r header. 2006 type s b pipe.new oil pump, new time chain, oil pump chain, all oem honda, new vtc solonoid, vetc solonoid, etcjust so much i dont remember from top of my head. just know that this engine needs no service for long time, knock sensor oil temp sensor.. new water pump.etc..... brand new original mugen engine mounts, mugen doesnt come with rear engine mount, so i purchased racehard rear polyurtharene mount, to help with engine movement. kpr, and tunned! and engine was broken in propely on a dynapack after the built. 1st dyno sheet i had RBC and cold intake, and no aftermarket exhaust. also rdx 410cc injector new, i went back to PRC type r intake manifold, and stock air box mod, and lost power. but due to me wanting no after market air intake sound..., my tuner builder, daniel told me this engine could make lot more if race header, after market exhaust .. daniel from church automotive can vouch for me! few sensore i installed after the build, becuase i forgot while vehicle was in for the build. i ordered so much from oem acura parts.com, and also this one honda dealer which i got to know through k20.org, thats where i ordered all the TYPE R parts!$$$$
tranny- brand new synchrotech carbon synchro1-6, and seals. brand new oem rsx type s 2,3 gear, brand newType R 4,5 gear. brand new acura tsx 6 gear. M factory LSD,, also i have the clutchmaster stage 1 clutch but clutch i got it installed while back, so maybe soon down the road new clutch maybe needed.new oem civic si clutch master cylinder and slave. etc. and also i purchased some kind of spring upgrade whie install buddy club short throw gear box.. etc... oh!! also brand new typr r flywheel. etc..suspension - i use to have the type r suspension, but sold them and put on 06 type s sets.also brand new type r rear sway bar. bad news- you need to get a new alignment! after the acciden, insurance didnt cover or did a alignment from the repair shop!! i took to alignment sho, they told me it needs a new passenger side lower ball joint rubber. $200 for alignment and labor estimate.i havent driven this vehicle since sep 2016, and all the brakes are rusted and squeaking crazy. luckly! i have brand new centric rotors, and akebono ceramic pads. all included. and what ever i have extra ill throw in the trunk!!!i built the bottom en, future paln i had for supercharger.. .this vehicle is just pure stock looking! buthas crazy powerband!!! i have never abused the engine or tranny! i dont race or take track. this was just for daily fun commuteexterior i have the oem honda non hid headlight, and type r brake duct.interior not so good! rip etc.... and many parts taken out, specially audio!! i was into DIY audio .prob had system worth more than the vehicle..what you see in pic is what you get!!!i might have the stock headunit. .714-713-0867 mark if any ? just tex....also recently.. i replaced brand new 130amp alternator due to high end audio .and brand new engine starter..sold as is, no retur, no refund!! since this is a modified vehicle!!! and im not there to see how this car will be driven!!
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